Whether you are arranging a mortgage or not, it is important to have the correct Insurance & Protection products in place. 
At AFP Windsor we deal with some of the country’s top insurers and will take the time & trouble to discuss what you are looking to achieve from your protection arrangements as well as recommending the most cost effective and secure solutions we possibly can. It may be that you already have arrangements in place but wish to ensure that they will do the job required should the worst happen, or you may wish to take advice to set up new arrangements. 
For further information please see below our guide to the terms used and options available when choosing the right kind of cover. 


This type of policy replaces your income if you are unable to work due to ill health. 


Term Insurance will pay a lump sum should you die within the term of the policy. 
Whole of Life Assurance will pay a lump sum whenever you die. 


Critical illness cover pays on the assured being diagnosed with a defined illness that does not result in death. 


Level term policies will provided the same sum assured throughout the whole term of the policy and are typically suited to family protection and where there is a requirement for a fixed amount on a claim. Decreasing term policies are usually provided in conjunction with a repayment mortgage. The sum assured will reduce on each policy anniversary to broadly reflect the mortgage balance. The premium will not change throughout the term. 


Lump sum policies are typically suitable to repay a fixed debt or where a one off payment is required on claim. Monthly income policies, termed Family Income Benefit or Family and Personal Income protection, are available as life and critical illness policies. On death or diagnosis of a defined illness, the policy will pay a monthly sum until the end of the policy term. 


When you apply for a policy the Insurer will underwrite the application and may take up enquiries with your GP or ask you to attend a medical examination depending on your personal & medical history. 
The result of these enquiries may affect the final premium you will pay. 
Contact us today for impartial & independent advice 
Contact us today for impartial advice 
June 2016 – 5 out of 5 stars 
Russell got us an excellent deal on a remortgage with a vastly improved interest rate and reduced mortgage payment. Shortly afterwards we decided to move house and Russell managed to arrange our new mortgage and port our old mortgage so we didn't get charged anything, having only recently remortgaged. 
Mr Smith, Windsor 
March 2016 – 5 out of 5 stars 
Very helpful and responsive, promptly picked up my request and provided sound guidance on the option available. 
I was looking to re mortgage to consolidate a couple of loans. Russell explained everything in plain English also coming up with suggestions I hadn't considered. He made sure I was comfortable with the repayments and managed to save me 500 a month. The new mortgage has now been applied for. 
Nicola Rigg, Wokingham 
Russell Tilbury was well informed, personable whilst offering a professional service. I found Russell to be confident and with the above skill was quite comfortable sharing my financial information with him. He also responded quickly to me on contact” 
Patrick Halliwell, Maidenhead 
We are looking to re-mortgage to provide funding for an extension to our property. Russell took time to explain the differing products options in terms of Fixed/Tracker/Discount etc and also the pros and cons of the various lenders. However Russell left the choice down to us having explained the detail. Russell was also honest and tactful in his analysis of our financial situation. We are currently drawing up architect plans with a view to starting building work in Spring 2016. From the initial assessment we can afford to borrow the additional monies we require. 
Richard Parr, Burnham 
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